\”What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what kind of a person you are\” (C.S. Lewis, 1898 – 1963)

Sweet and Bitter

It’s the end of another school year.

Bitter and sweet.


Class trip!

This year, we had our class end year dinner at Restoran Pantai in Pitas, eating seafood, overlooking the sea at sunset.

It was super cool.

We spent some time at the beach and at Dataran Bengkoka before having dinner.

It rained at first so we had to take shelter at one of the small huts by the beach.

Tiring, but fun.

I’ll miss this class, they taught me lots this year, especially improving my teaching methods for Physics and Add Math.

*Disclaimer: All these students had written parental permissions, and no, we did not swim in the ocean, as regulated by the Ministry.*


We won the District Level Choral Speaking competition again this year!

I’m so proud of my students, their efforts really paid off.

We still have much to learn and improve if we want to make it far next year.

🙂 Dream dreams people!



Frankly speaking, I’ve felt that this year is the LONGEST year to pass.

Many, many problems with students, especially attitude and discipline.

Yet, I find myself wondering at a very weird happening last Sunday during our Sunday meets.

It was the last meeting of the year, and as usual we had a simple farewell service for the Form 5 students.

During the service, there was a slideshow (which I did) on the 5 years that they were here, specifically focusing on 2006 and 2010 (Form 1 and Form 5).

During that slideshow, I teared up (as expected, although I’m the one who created that slideshow) listening to the responses of the Form 5 students, but I still managed to hold it in.

Then when it was my turn to give the message, I was supposed to read from Phillipians 1 : 3 – 11. I started with verse 3:

Aku mengucap syukur kepada Allahku setiap kali aku mengingat kamu…”

…and then I paused.

Maybe it has been a very long year, full of ups and downs with the Form 5s. Or it could be the recent reminder of the 5 years I have spent with them. It certainly was a long week, full of reports and never ending piles of work, lack of sleep, or tired from the class trip the day before. I don’t know what really caused it, but when I read that verse, I found myself unable to hold it in any longer.

And I wept. In front of all the students.

Talk about DRAMA! Trying to keep it together so that I could go on with my sharing (which was tough considering I sound like a blubbering criminal confessing to a crime!), but at the same time, reading every sentence knowing that this passage was especially dedicated to the Form 5s, the text really came alive at that moment.

Needless to say, some students were shocked. By the end of the reading, some were already in tears (more girls than guys, naturally), most of them were looking down (as if feeling guilty).

I’ll never know of course (and I don’t really need to know, I guess), what my students were thinking at that moment, heck, even through the whole message.

Many things I will not forget about my time in school. This will always be one of them.

I will miss this group of students. Despite feeling as if the year would never end, despite all the problems that they have caused, despite all the despair that they create in me about their studies, I find myself still in love with all of them, just like I did back in 2006, if not more.

Maybe that’s why I cried. Closing a chapter in our lives and saying goodbye to the people you love, and who love you back, knowing that things will be different the next time you see each other, is truly bittersweet.



“Aku mengucap syukur kepada Allahku setiap kali aku mengingat kamu. Dan setiap kali aku berdoa untuk kamu semua, aku selalu berdoa dengan sukacita. Aku mengucap syukur kepada Allahku karena persekutuanmu dalam Berita Injil mulai dari hari pertama sampai sekarang ini. Akan hal ini aku yakin sepenuhnya, yaitu Ia, yang memulai pekerjaan yang baik di antara kamu, akan meneruskannya sampai pada akhirnya pada hari Kristus Yesus. Memang sudahlah sepatutnya aku berpikir demikian akan kamu semua, sebab kamu ada di dalam hatiku, oleh karena kamu semua turut mendapat bagian dalam kasih karunia yang diberikan kepadaku, baik pada waktu aku dipenjarakan, maupun pada waktu aku membela dan meneguhkan Berita Injil. Sebab Allah adalah saksiku betapa aku dengan kasih mesra Kristus Yesus merindukan kamu sekalian.

Dan inilah doaku, semoga kasihmu makin melimpah dalam pengetahuan yang benar dan dalam segala macam pengertian, sehingga kamu dapat memilih apa yang baik, supaya kamu suci dan tak bercacat menjelang hari Kristus, penuh dengan buah kebenaran yang dikerjakan oleh Yesus Kristus untuk memuliakan dan memuji Allah.”

~Filipi 1 : 3 – 11~

Thanks for 5 wonderful years. You guys are worth it.


One response

  1. Memorable indeed! During my farewell few months ago, I have this order of service which I have read so many times, and shed tears every time I reached a particular part…So, I thought maybe after so many readings (privately), I might get through it much better during the day. It did not…Talking about leaving the people you love and who loved you in return. But, mine not 5 years…only one

    November 24, 2010 at 6:15 pm

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