\”What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what kind of a person you are\” (C.S. Lewis, 1898 – 1963)

So Perasan

I was really doing nothing online, so I decided to be so perasan and start reading blog entries on the day of my birthday.

Lo, and behold, what should I find but my colleague’s blog, promoting a very interesting contest ON THE SAME DAY AS MY BIRTHDAY!

Wordless Wednesday – a contest where you have to guess what is she trying to say through a picture posted on a Wednesday, WITH NO WORDS. Hence, word-less.

Of course, the words will then spew out on Thursday with the explanation to the picture on Wednesday.

Wah, I tell you ah, this colleague of mine, I really respect her la. Got so much time to do all these interesting things in her blog. Siap-siap with widgets galore. Some more she just started blogging.

Me? So malu, super humble blog aje.

Anyway, should check out her blog, she’s got a lot of interesting insights into the Sabahan way of life. If you wanna know the Dusun language (derivative of it is Rungus), can also learn from her blog.

Plus, she’s really great to talk to in real life too!

*and let’s me finish up her keropok and sweets in the office, haha!*

Plus, me promoting her blog and her contest would just give me the 25 points I need, and also a step closer to her books (or RM 200, or BOTH?!?!?!) *drool*

It’s SO interesting what you find when you are just so perasan and you have nothing else to do.

Thanks, Belle for starting the contest on my birthday! Got extra birthday points ah?



One response

  1. Ada blog sudah dia owh….
    Tahniah. Terima kasih sebab join contest ya and good luck.

    PS: pasal yang birthday tu, ko tinguk di blog aaaah. Hehehehehe….

    December 1, 2010 at 7:25 am

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